A rotating series of images of technology and people underneath the name "Brenta Blevins"
A rotating series of images of technology and people underneath the name "Brenta Blevins"
Brenta Blevins
Brenta Blevins



My teaching, across the courses I’ve developed in writing, rhetoric, and digital media, draws upon insights from my research regarding literacy and multimodality, as well as my prior professional employment. As an assistant professor of Writing Studies and Digital Studies, I teach in both the Departments of English & Linguistics and Communication & Digital Studies. 


Drawing from my research, I have authored instructional content for dgst101.net, a free, open educational resource for University of Mary Washington Digital Studies 101 classes—as well as the wider Web audience. My contributions to this open site include the following topics:  


As a whole, my pedagogy aligns with my research interests in multimodality, multiliteracy, and literacy across a variety of contexts, specifically to support students' communication using multiple modes and multiple media in multiple contexts. I strive to ensure my pedagogy reflects new research and engages new technological expectations of students' skills as they build rhetorical agency for their academic work and move into a future with continually evolving demands on their literacy skills.


My publications and research projects reflect my interest in teaching and investigating multiple sites of literacy learning: writing centers, digital studios, faculty development sessions, and traditional college classes and independent studies.


In a period of emerging writing technologies, I am interested in exploring how writers use communication tools to achieve a range of outcomes, from fulfilling larger rhetorical aims to realizing personal wellbeing benefits.  


In addition to supervising individual studies and internships, I've taught such recent courses as: 

  • ENGL 105: Introduction to Narrative: Digital Narratives
  • ENGL 202: Writing about Writing 
  • ENGL 202J1: Writing in the Workplace 
  • ENGL 203: Writing with Digital Media
  • ENGL 230: Public and Workplace Writing 
  • ENGL 316A: Technical Writing 
  • ENGL 306R: Topics in Writing: Writing and Literacy in the Digital Age 
  • ENGL 307: Writing Studies 
  • ENGL 308: Writing Studies and Healing 
  • DGST 101: Introduction to Digital Studies 
  • DGST 301E: Special Topics in Digital Studies: Virtual and Augmented Realities
  • DGST 395: Applied Digital Studies 
  • IDIS 300N: Introduction to Disability Studies (team taught) 


Student Evaluations

For end of semester student responses to my courses, please see Student Comments.

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